Season Review

Posted November 19, 2014

November, how did you sneak up on us so fast? It seems like just yesterday we were trying to figure out how tall of a fence we needed- woven wire or high tensile, 7 strands or 9?  What vegetables were we going to grow and what variety, not to mention how many of each.  The kitchen became the strategic planning zone, its table covered in seed catalogs, reference material, and cups of coffee…lots of coffee. 


We sat through classes trying to absorb all this new information being thrown at us.  Fertilizers, raised beds, drip tape, soil samples, weed control, pest control-so much to take in.

How would we take all this new information and use it ensuring our farm would be profitable and not put us deep in debt in our first year?  The fence was built, a business plan written, individual crop rows were drawn in on the production plan, seed trials were started, and the soil was prepped for the raised beds yet to come.  IMG_20140405_115743_679.jpg


Our first rows weren’t very straight and our planting holes were not always exactly where they were supposed to be but, the seeds went in the ground and we waited to see what would happen.  Miraculously despite the cold temperatures and the season long drenching, little green sprouts began popping up and with that, Vested Heirs Farm had its first season.


We have amazing customers including individual farm sales, local restaurants, farmers market, and the local foods stores.  We have great relationships built on delivering a quality product fresh from the field and making a personal connection with as many as we can.  We loved going to the farmers market and seeing repeat customers  and watching kids run up to buy our carrots, eating  them right there as they browsed through the other booths. We deeply believe in getting fresh vegetables on the trays of school children and have been thrilled to be part of the WV Farm to School program.  We sold to 3 different county school systems and hope that next year we can expand that.  Healthy foods mean healthy kids!  Vested Heirs is very proud to be part of this movement.


All through this process we have felt the presence of Darla and Debbie’s dad, David.  It seemed like every time we would start a new project, we would find a reminder of him.  It felt like he was watching over us and reminding us that we are just carrying on what he had been doing for all the years before us.  When we made the difficult decision to tear down the main barn because of its deteriorated state, we found his baby footprint in the cement right outside the milking parlor.  When we started working on the old potato cellar, we power washed the floor, only to find another one of his footprints in the cement.  David would have turned 80 this month and we think he would have been pretty darn proud of what we have accomplished. 

IMG_20140308_171550_044.jpg                  DSCN9927.JPG

We are now in the process of the season winding to a close.  The last of the kale has been picked, the winter squash put in storage, the strawberries and asparagus mulched, last of the beets canned for ourselves, and items put in the freezer to be brought back out at Thanksgiving.  We truly have much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving.  We cannot thank our ancestors enough for deciding that on this mountain in Aurora, they would build their home, start their family and till this soil.  We can only hope that when we are old our wee people will love this land just as much and want to carry on what their great great grandparents started so many years ago.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone, may your cup overflow with your blessings.  Ours definitely have.