Posted September 16, 2014

Welcome to Vested Heirs Farm! We want to take this opportunity with the first blog to introduce everyone and tell you a little bit about what we do “down on the farm”. First let us tell you how we decided on our name. Vesta and Fred Stemple started this adventure over 80 years ago. We took the first few letters of Vesta’s name “Vest” and added it to the last two letters of Fred’s name “ed” to form Vested. Debbie and Darla are direct heirs of Vesta and Fred. With that... Vested Heirs Farm was born.

David Frederick and Vesta Stemple.jpg

We are deeply vested in this adventure and just as dedicated as that early generation. The only difference is our crops. We currently have over 3 acres in produce growing on this fertile land. We are growing everything from asparagus to carrots to snow peas.

This was our trial year. A year for us to figure out what would grow well and what our customers really wanted to buy. Some crops we have said we definitely will do again and others won’t make the cut. It has been a labor of love. We go to bed tired, sore and knowing we have done everything we can to make this a success.

There are four partners, BJ and Debbie Fike, Darla Stemple and me... Cindy Murphy.  We are family and friends and have a cast of extended family that put their hands in the dirt to make this dream a successful reality. Debbie and Darla’s mother Delores Stemple, lives on the farm and frequently helps plant and harvest. She’s also a big help watching the “wee” ones while we do things that they can’t help with. Debbie and BJ’s daughters Kimberly and Kaylen have given us our greatest gifts. Three “wee ones” that are frequent little farmers that love to help plant, care for and pick our produce. Richard is 5 while Addison and Colin who are twins, are 3 years old. They make us laugh until we cry sometimes with their antics and will be frequent topics in our photos and blog. 

3 Amigos.jpg

All through the winter, we didn’t have a single fruit or vegetable to sell, so we sold our story, our dream to awesome friends and future customers. We used Facebook to show and tell everyone all the things we have been doing on the farm to make this dream a reality. We wanted people to be invested or “vested” in our story, to see who we are and what we do. We have made some amazing friends who have helped us in ways too numerous to mention and a loyal customer base who have followed this dream from its first steps to where we are today. 

So welcome to this new electronic venture. Our very own website where you will be able to see more of what we do, how we are doing it and even order your produce in advance of your visit to the farm. We plan to do a small monthly blog to fill in the details of all the pictures you see and keep you advised of what will be ready for sale soon. We hope that you become “Vested” in our story and enjoy the “fruits and vegetables” of our labor.